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Read what other have to say about this beer
Read what other have to say about this beer

Beer Calories & More at FindBeerCalories.com

There are literally thousands of beers out there in the market. Do you ever wonder what the calories in each beer are? With our beer calories look up tool, you can now easily find how many calories there are in the beer. Thanks to our database of beer calories for most brands and types of beer, you will be able to find the calories information you are looking for with FindBeerCalories.com.

Easy Beer Calories Online Lookup Tool

We designed our website to be very simple when it comes to getting the calories information for your beer (remember this is FindBeerCalories.com after all). To find the beer calories information for your beer, simply type in the name of your beer and let our beer calories search engine find your beer and the calories for your beer.

Find Your Beer by Beer Style or Tag

Let’s say, you don’t remember, the name of your favorite light beer. You can still find the calories information for your beer by selecting a category and tag. For example, click on the "find it by Beer Style and Tag" then find and click the Light beer link and then look for your beer from the list of all light beers.

More Than Calories Information

Get other information about your beer beside its’ calories. FindBeerCalories.com also includes information like alcohol volume in beer, the carbohydrate value and the characteristic of your beer.

Read and Share Comments on Each Beer

Read other beer drinkers’ opinions on each beer or share your own comments with others on your favorite beer. If you just don’t have time to type in you comments, just put in a vote for your beer. We still appreciate it either way.

Got a Favorite Beer You Are Dying to Share with Friends?

FindBeerCalories.com offers you the option to share any of the beers on our database with your friends on popular social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg and more.

Suggest Your Beer

If it happens that your favorite beer is not on our beer calories list, you can suggest it to us. We will do a research on your beer for the calories information, alcohol by volume, carbohydrates value and the taste character. Your beer and its information will then be added to our beer database so that other people can now find your beer.

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